Post Oscar Movie Lull


From November to February there’s almost too many films. With awards season in full swing there are plenty of good movies that people are interested in seeing. It’s also the holidays, people are going out to movies with family, it’s school vacation. It’s our busiest time of the year. And then, in like a lamb, comes March.

March begins the Post Oscar Movie Lull. From now until the summer there are fewer movies to choose from (since movies released during this time are rarely nominated for awards), and often they are movies no one has ever heard of. The multiplexes are playing Ride Along and 300: Rise of an Empire, or re-runs of the Oscar winners.

Here’s what we’re doing in the Images Cinema office: reading about exciting new films premiering at SXSW which won’t be available to us until late summer at the earliest, scouring Metacritic, IMDB, and Indie Wire, watching endless streams of trailers, listening to our booking agent sigh at the low-grossing options, waiting anxiously for the wide-release date of Grand Budapest Hotel.

Sometimes this slower period gives indie gems a chance to rise to the surface– movies that would get lost in the sea of Oscar hopefuls and other big name projects. And sometimes there’s just nothing out there. How do we get people to come to the movies during this slow season?

We do our very best to bring you quality films. And that’s what we’re doing this March with The Past, Gloria, and The Wind Rises. These are movies that might not get shown in many theaters, or get much attention outside of art house circles. They probably won’t make much money. We might not get large crowds for them, but these are three movies I am really looking forward to sharing with our community. All three are international films, very different from each other, and you probably won’t see them playing anywhere else in the area.

So, I hope you’ll join us this spring for some challanging, beautiful, international, and rare cinematic experiences. Try something new and unexpected. Treat yourself.

See you at the movies,


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