Sex in Blue is the Warmest Color


The element of graphically explicit sexual content has been the most talked about part of the movie BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. If anyone is wondering just how explicit, etc., or if the movie is appropriate for high school students, here are my thoughts:

There is graphic sex in the movie. You see breasts and butts and hints of vagina but it’s not more graphic than some other (heterosexual) sex scenes I have seen in other movies (in my opinion). There is a female masturbation scene. You kind of see a penis in the one heterosexual sex scene. There is a nude painting scene. The sex is more realistic and less pornographic than most Hollywood sex. I think the realism is a positive thing as young people today see plenty of fake sex in the media which is not very healthy. (Note: they are not ACTUALLY having sex, it’s a movie and it’s all acted. It’s not porn.)

The movie is about a young woman coming of age, discovering herself emotionally, culturally, and sexually. The story begins when she is in high school and continues in her post-college life as a teacher. Much of the movie focuses on her first love, which is a relationship with a woman. The movie honestly and beautifully explores love (both the emotional and sexual journeys of first love), jealousy, regret, loneliness, loss and identity. Sex is part of that, and I feel the scenes are necessary to the story as sex is part of life, and everyone has their own sexually journey which is linked with self-discovery and relationships.

On another note, there is NO VIOLENCE of any kind. There’s not even really any swearing. Just sex and nudity. To reiterate, these are my opinions– parents should use their own judgement regarding their teenagers.

~ Anna

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2 Responses to Sex in Blue is the Warmest Color

  1. Shalam says:

    Pedantic words about “Blue is Warmest” okay. if you must! But why the heck are you running DBC for so long when it is already here there and everywhere – including Movieplex in North Adams?

    • janetmcurran says:

      Re: Blue, not sure what you mean, the post is simplying about providing information to people about how graphic the sex is.

      Re: Dallas Buyers Club, we are only opening the film on Friday, 12/13, so it isn’t a long run. It’s likely we’ll have the film through Monday, 12/23 because where the Christmas holiday lands this year (we are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

      We try to cycle through films as quickly as we can. As a single screen cinema in a small town, we really can’t afford to have films longer than we have to. We’ve grappled over showing films that are showing elsewhere, and I understand the sentiment, but we would simply not be able to continue to be in business if we never showed any films that also were shown in multiplexes, especially now, as the film industry becomes increasingly consolidated. We do our best striking a balance between limited and wide release, studio and independent, etc.

      I’m also not going to allow our decisions about what we play or don’t play to be dictated to us by other cinemas in the area. If they happen to have a movie we want to present in Williamstown, I’m not going to let that stop me from booking it.

      If there are other films you think we should be playing instead this coming week, we’d love your input. We love to get film requests, and do take them into consideration in our booking decisions. Thanks!

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