Short Term 12


You may not have heard about Short Term 12, or it’s star Brie Larson. You may think a movie about troubled teens and the young adults caring for them would be depressing, and not the kind of thing you want to spend your night watching. You might think that, but you’d be missing out.

Short Term 12 is about how we’re all kind of broken inside, but we’re going to be okay anyway. We’re going to take a breath, take one step at a time, and we’re going to get better.

The movie is complex and delicate and difficult to pin down in a short review, but I’m going to try anyway. Grace (Brie Larson) is a young woman with her own troubled past working at a short term living situation for troubled teens (Short Term 12). Her boyfriend, Mason, works there as well, and they work through personal issues while helping the teens they work with do the same. Mason is loving and open, while Grace still struggles with expressing her emotions, despite spending her days encouraging the kids at Short Term 12 to do exactly that. When a new girl, Jayden, comes in with similar issues, Grace begins to open up.

Sometimes our darkest places need to be opened up so we can get to a new, better place. So we can grow. Brie Larson expresses this tension between wanting to be better and wanting to push away pain in such an honest way– it’s really lovely and cathartic to watch. The whole movie is just right.


Short Term 12 is playing at Images Cinema through Thursday 10/3. Monday 9/30 @9pm, Tuesday 10/1 and Wednesday 10/2 @ 7pm.

(The Grandmaster is also playing this week, so be sure to check showtimes.)

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