Do-it-Yourself Woody Allen Retrospective

Woody Allen

Manohla Dargis of The NYTimes calls Blue Jasmine Woody Allen’s “most sustained, satisfying and resonant film since Match Point.” This makes me want to re-watch Match Point, a film I didn’t care for when it first came out, but which Janet and Sandra both really like.

Since Blue Jasmine opens at Images Cinema this Friday 8/23, and in the spirit of watching and re-watching old Woody Allen films, we recommend you put together your own line-up to whet your appetite for this weekend. Here is a link to his IMDB page to help you get started.

There are lots to choose from– Woody Allen made 5 movies in the 70s and then, excluding 1981, he has made a movie every year since 1980. That’s a lot of work!

Here is my movie homework to-watch list of Allen’s films I haven’t yet seen: Sleeper, Broadway Danny Rose, Husbands and Wives, The Purple Rose of Cairo, What’s Up Tiger Lily, and Mighty Aphrodite.

And here is my list of personal favorites: Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Play it Again Sam, and Manhattan.

What are your favorite Woody Allen movies?

~ Anna

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3 Responses to Do-it-Yourself Woody Allen Retrospective

  1. pmorlev says:

    MATCH POINT and vickie cristina barcelona…. i know i’m supposed to say “annie hall” and other older ones, but those ones are the best.

  2. janetmcurran says:

    I really liked Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona too!

  3. dirkmalcolm says:

    I think that ANNIE HALL could be one of the best films ever made, so I’ll put that one to one side for a moment and make a pitch for HUSBANDS AND WIVES as it is so inventive and engaging – the performances are knock out.

    I am presently watching all of his films in 2013 as part of a WOODYTHON and there are a couple of gems that I’ve seen for the first time – SCOOP is much better than you’d expect.

    You could miss WHAT’S UP TIGER LILY, I’m sure that Woody wouldn’t mind!

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