I’m So Excited: sex, death and in-flight cocktails


When you come to see I’m So Excited, be prepared to fall in love– with the characters on screen and your fellow audience members. You should probably head to Espana afterwards for drinks, because you’re going to be thirsty.

I’m So Excited (or Los Amantes Pasajeros which translates directly to The Passenger Lovers) is the latest from Spanish writer/director Pedro Almodovar. If you saw 2011’s The Skin I Live in, you can be sure that this is the exact opposite. Almost completely taking place inside a colorful airplane cabin, I’m So Excited is a sexy, naughty, deliciously fun and silly farce– the lip-synching dance scene is the most ridiculously delightful experience I’ve had at the movies this year. (I’m thinking we should perform that choreography at next year’s Oscar party, right Janet and Sandra?)

Almodovar wrangles many of his usual cast members (and bright colors) in this playful romp. Sexuality is tossed around with ease and fluidity, along with the Valencia cocktails, and each character must make a decision when faced with almost-certain death. But there’s more going on than just light fun. Death and sex are the main topics on the minds of the passengers and crew members (as well as their loved ones on the ground), and aren’t these the core themes in all storytelling? The intricately woven seriousness in the film is effectively handled with the grace of humor and understanding.

This movie is a refreshing dip for the end of summer, and I just want to swim around in those wonderful colors. Also, there’s nothing like an Almodovar flick to inspire my fashion sense. Next time I fly, I’m going to wear something fabulous.

I’m So Excited is playing at Images Cinema through Thursday 8/22. For more info and showtimes please visit our website: www.imagescinema.org

Seriously, I can’t wait to watch it again, and again.

~ Anna



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