Naomi Watts and The Impossible

I just finished watching The Impossible, and whew, that was intense. Some might question why a Spanish family from the true story would be replaced with a British one in the film, especially given it was a Spanish production with a Spanish director… but I’ll let that for others to wonder about.

Right now I’m still caught up in the emotions of it (I spent most of the movie trying to to cry). The film makes the story feel so immediate, allowing you to experience the emotions of the characters as they experience them, intensely, as they try to make it through a situation that seems impossible. And to me, when you want intensity, you hire Naomi Watts.

Naomi Watts became known to the world in a major way with Mulholland Drive (2001). You  might have seen her in Flirting in 1991 or Tank Girl (1995), but you might not have taken any notice of the best friend. Since breaking out, she’s been selective with her parts. She has a preference for intense, uncompromising roles (21 Grams, The Ring, Mother and Child), but she’s also really funny (I [heart] Huckabees). All of her movies aren’t great, but she is usually the best part of any movie she is in. Look for her as Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe in the coming year or so!

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Janet Curran is the Managing Director of Images Cinema. She watches most everything that shows at the cinema, and usually has an opinion about it!
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