Seven Psychopaths

It’s funny to me to write about a movie called Seven Psychopaths on Election Day. But the film actually has nothing to do with the election… or does it?

Seven Psychopaths is hilarious, a satiric comedy/drama about a screenwriter named Marty who is struggling to finish a screenplay titled… Seven Psychopaths. (Note that the film itself is written and directed by Martin McDonagh.) His friend, Billy Bickle (Sam Rockwell) wants to help him write it, and Billy’s dedication to this end is eventually revealed. There are frequent movie-ized sequences of stories told by or about an assortment of psychopaths, with intentionally silly, over-the-top violence, but there are moments of real emotion, too.

Seven Psychopaths seems to be playing a bit of devil’s advocate with the audience, asking us to consider what does it mean to be a psychopath, and can you sympathize with a psychopath? Three of the psychopaths only kill other killers, and two others are pacifists. One of them is strongly attached to his Shih Tzu. It suggests a monk who self-immolated himself in a plea to end the Vietnam War was channeling a psychopathic tendency in order to help others. And of course, one of them is a writer, a special brand of psychopathy.

Christopher Walken, as a pacifist Christian psychopath, is perfect. And Tom Waits makes an extended appearance with an albino rabbit.

If you haven’t yet voted today, please do so! Click here to for a non-partisan laugh.

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Janet Curran is the Managing Director of Images Cinema. She watches most everything that shows at the cinema, and usually has an opinion about it!
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