Sleepwalk with Me


Mike Birbiglia is hilarious. His monologues on This American Life are always a highlight (funnier than David Sedaris, perhaps?), and he’s been in a few films (including Your Sister’s Sister, which was at Images this summer). Sleepwalk with Me is his directorial debut, and he also stars (playing a character very similar to himself – it is based on a true story, after all).

Sleepwalk with Me is very funny, but not in the constant jokey way of a typical comedy. It’s funny the way real life is, often mixed with other emotions, nothing neat about it. Things are left tangled and unresolved.

My favorite moment in the movie is [spoiler alert] when Matt off-handedly mentions that Abby is married with two kids now. Her story continues beyond the bounds of the film, and the film acknowledges it. Without expressly saying so, Birbiglia suggests that while one problem in his life has been contained, others continue. There are always going to be loose threads, for every character, in every story.

Sleepwalk with Me is playing at Images through Thursday, 10/4. Arbitrage starts Friday, 10/5.

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Janet Curran is the Managing Director of Images Cinema. She watches most everything that shows at the cinema, and usually has an opinion about it!
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