Images Cinema Staff: Sandra Thomas

Sandra Thomas is the Executive Director of Images Cinema. She does everything– not just here at Images, as she’s  involved in the community in a multitude of ways. And she makes pottery! And she’s a really good cook! A woman of so many talents! Also, she has a great dog named Rocco, who I’m sure you’ve seen tagging along with her and going to meetings.

What is your favorite movie?
Favorite? I can’t pick just one and I can never remember what my
favorites are when someone asks me this question! Some that I’m
thinking of right now are Alien, Frankie & Johnny, Let the Right One
In, Triplets of Belleville, Waiting for Guffman, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,
The Saddest Music in the World.  Ok, that’s it and I know I’m not
remembering what my real favorites are.

What is your favorite Images Cinema memory?

After 10 years there are so many! My first day on the job wondering
how I was going to figure out this film biz. OK, maybe that wasn’t a
favorite. But I do have favorites! The screening of THE WEATHER
UNDERGROUND with the filmmaker Sam Green. The Q+A was one of those times that everything clicked– there were people in the audience who had known Weathermen and others who hadn’t been born yet when the movement happened. It was a true cross-generational sharing experience. The new Images sign on the building was a huge occasion.
The theater renovation too. After a few years of working on getting
more kids in the cinema  I was on Spring Street and overheard some
10-year-old boys saying to their friends, “That’s our movie theater”
and that was truly heartwarming. The time that Werner Herzog showed up a year early for an event at the college and I received a call at home on a Monday night from a professor who said, “If Werner Herzog were to show up on Thursday do you think you could screen his latest film?” Uhm, YES!

There are so many good memories because so many people are part of what we do!

What is the first film you saw at Images Cinema?

Before I worked at Images I was a volunteer, along with my sister and brother-in-law. Our first job was a weekly cleaning of the cinema and our first movie was Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We were the only ones sitting in the sparkling clean and fresh smelling cinema!!

What is your favorite concessions item at Images?

It’s would have to be either Cricket Creek Farm’s peanut butter
pillows or the dark chocolate non-pareilles. (spelling?)

What is your favorite popcorn topping?

A touch of butter, lots of nutritional yeast, dash of parm, Roger’s
Ubiquitous, and a smidgen of salt.

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