Images Cinema Staff: Janet Curran

Janet Curran is the Managing Director here at Images.  You’ve probably seen her running around at any of our special events, hard at work up in the office, or helping out behind concessions when she comes to watch a movie. She’s also the manager of this blog! While she’s away on her honeymoon, read about her favorite romantic Images Cinema memory…
What is your favorite movie?

2001 A Space Odyssey, Blue Velvet, Howl’s Moving Castle. Rear Window too.

What is your favorite Images Cinema memory?

When I used to have the time, I would re-watch films I really loved again and again, every night when possible. Mulholland Drive and Talk to Her are stand-outs for me. Also seeing The Graduate on the big screen for the first and only time, and being floored by a film that hadn’t struck me as much before.

Oh, and there’s that time I met my future husband for our first date, and we watched UP, and I hoped it wasn’t obvious I was crying during the first ten minutes of the film.

What is the first film you saw at Images Cinema?

Pecker. I saw this before I knew who John Waters was. A group of kids from my entry went to see it freshman year at Williams. I loved it, and it was a great introduction to the cinema, as well as to contemporary independent cinema in general.

What is your favorite concessions item at Images?

Dark chocolate non-pareils.

What is your favorite popcorn topping?

A combination tamari, garlic salt, and Roger’s Ubiquitous. If I’m feeling really decadent, a bit of butter, too.

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