“But me and my daddy, we stay right here. We’s who the Earth is for.” ~ Hushpuppy, Beasts of the Southern Wild

Hi there, I’m Anna, filling in for Janet on the Images blog while she’s away on her honeymoon. You may have read about me in the most recent staff post here on this blog, so you know that I work at Images as a projectionist, among other things. Well, let me start this by saying that Beasts of the Southern Wild has just soared onto my top 3 movies of 2012 list.

Maybe it’s because I still feel like a little girl inside when I look at the world, but I think the film’s protagonist, Hushpuppy, speaks to something deep and ancient inside us all. She is the voice of our childhood, our fears, our belief in the magic of the universe, and our deepest human strength– the strength that only comes out when we look fear in the face and stand our ground.

This week, the week in which I will be projecting Beasts ten times up in the booth, is also the week I happen to be reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. These coincidences are beautiful, when all the culture I am consuming seems to interact. Wild is also about a girl (a woman) who is battling with and against nature, finding that hidden strength. Both stories are about girls who lose their mothers. Both stories are making me weep.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is shot with incredible gentleness and love for of all its subjects. There is violence in the characters’ interactions with each other, with nature, with themselves, but the film depicts this with a kind of awe. Violence is an essential part of life, after all. Birth, death, survival and love are violent and delicate things.

I can’t even really tell you what this movie is about, because none of the descriptions truly prepared me for it. Just come see it, and then you’ll know. It’s only 96 minutes, rated PG-13 (some kids have gotten scared, others haven’t, parents should judge for themselves), and is playing at Images Cinema through Thursday 9/13. For more information and showtimes, please visit our website.

And keep and eye out for In The Booth episode 4 (will be posted on Tuesday), in which I review Beasts with a special guest, as Brendan is on his honeymoon with Janet.

~ Anna

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2 Responses to Beasts

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  2. LaLA Honey says:

    Wow, just saw this movie. Very visually interesting And full. It will take a while to think about and process all that is happening in this movie. There is an innocence that is maintained throughout this six year old girl’s experience in spit of all that is happening–and she acts incredible well in this movie.

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